• $199.43

The QLP-3619HC-230-18 Louvered panel comes ready to use in one complete package. This preconfigured panel allows you to mount the unit on any surface you require and, once secured, will remain in working order for years to come. The storage bins that accompany this panel are made from durable polystyrene. 

- Louvered Panels are available in Gray or Oyster White color.

- Unit can be wall-mounted or utilized as a bench rack

- 18 storage bins ready for utilization (Bin Colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, Ivory, Green, Black and Clear)

- Outer Dimensions: 36" x 8" x 19"

- Load Capacity: 175 lbs.

- Bin Dimensions: 10-7/8" x 5-1/2" x 5"